In this day and age, packaging represents a crucial factor in product sales. According to Enric Batlle, Branding and Packaging Manager at Batllegroup, packaging accounts for 70% of purchasing decisions. It is this first visual contact with the item at the point of sale that will determine whether the item will be purchased.

However, despite a product’s appearance being one of the consumer’s main criteria, to achieve 100% of the purchase decision companies must choose packaging that provides protection for the product and safety for consumers.

All products on the market must meet safety, inviolability and non-contamination requirements set out in global standards.

For years, research and development teams of consumer goods companies have worked alongside packaging manufacturers to achieve suitable and viable packaging solutions for different products.

What are full body labels?

At Suprapak we work hand in hand with our customers in the food and beverage industry, manufacturing full body labels for them. These labels cover the entire product packaging, from base to lid.

In addition to being practical and adapting to any shape, they offer a 360° space to tell a story, show off a creative design or display regulatory information. However, their main function is to guarantee safety and security for the correct consumption of the product, while offering an easy opening system for the end user.

Are full body labels affordable?

Full body labels are considered a cost-effective option for companies. By completely covering the product, there is no longer a need to manufacture a safety band or to incorporate other more expensive tamper-proof options in the packaging.

These labels are mainly used for beverages, such as juices, energy drinks, teas or alcoholic beverages.

However, companies in the food sector also use them for products such as salt, oats or dietary supplements (proteins); and pharmaceutical companies use them to ensure product integrity.

How can Suprapak help you?

The full body labels we manufacture at Suprapak are tailor-made for each customer.

Heat-shrink packaging involves one of the most complex processes in the labeling industry, considering that all variables may significantly affect the outcome. It is a process that requires precision in all steps, from choosing the film or adapting the design, to preparing the opening system and fixing it to the package.

Despite its complex nature, it is the most reliable alternative because it brings together all of the benefits of safe packaging and guarantees an eye-catching display.

By taking advantage of our experience in manufacturing labels and our assistance in their correct application, you will end up with a premium product that stands out for its image, security and consumer safety.