Packaging development has stages that are fundamental and critical to the process. The degree of personalization is of great importance, and is achieved to a greater extent if the information flows openly between the customer (creator of the product), the manufacturer of the container that holds the product, the label design agency (sleeve or  security band), and us (supplier of shrink packaging). Based on a good communication between the actors involved in the development, we can offer precise recommendations that apply to the design, manufacturing materials, special finishes, application systems and packaging costs; which are the main factors to consider for a custom-made label.


Label design

Design is one of the first stages of development. After knowing the client’s requirements, this is the starting point, and the first step is knowing all the characteristics of the container that holds the product. It must be physically sent in to perform tests; afterwards certain characteristics can be determined, such as: materials, geometry, and color, among others. This allows us to determine, what the physical characteristics of the packaging should be. Additionally, in order to carry out custom designs and solutions, this knowledge allows us to determine if it is possible to apply special finishes during the development. The design, to be viable, must be in agreements between the client, the manufacturer of the container, the design agency, and us, as a supplier of labels, sleeves and security bands; our goal is to evaluate the technical feasibility of the product packaging to offer the best solution.


Manufacturing materials

The selection of manufacturing materials for heat shrinkable packaging is another of the critical factors that must be defined, after having fully understood the client’s requirement and the agreements with the other actors participating in the development. Tolerances, resistance to space conditions, storage, transportation and display of the finished product depend on the selection of materials. But, in addition, a suitable selection of raw materials, inks, finishes, and other components ensure correct printing, application, shrinkage, adaptability and viability of the label with the container in which it is to be applied. A correct selection of materials in conjunction with the previous design guarantees the expected final result.


Special finishes

Once the feasibility of the design, the method of application and conditions the product will be used in are fully determined we proceed to delve into one of the most important factors in terms of differentiation and brand positioning. Image is directly related to commercial and marketing interests. Here we refer specifically to the special finishes that can enhance the product´s identity. This level of label or packaging customization is reached with in-depth knowledge of the actors and their contributions. The special finishes are details in the design that aim at highlighting the product through the sensory experience. Among them we have: textures, gloss, transparencies, matte, cold foil, cast and cure, packaging separation systems, security systems, among others. The recommendation for a special finish is the result of simulations and previous studies to ensure their functionality.


Application systems

The time and work invested in the design process and study of materials can only be fully seen and valued when applying the label, sleeve or security band, and it preserves the desired image. Otherwise, previous work is lost and the development process must start again. In the final result or finished product, the packaging application systems are essential. There are several systems, and not all of them produce a uniform and clean application under all conditions. The application must take into account, again, physical aspects of both the packaging and the container; and other environmental considerations.



We understand that one of the biggest concerns for product manufacturers is the costs associated with it. We also know that one of your most important interests is to project a great image. Our main objective during the process of developing a label, or security band, is to understand the needs of our customers and stakeholders, which is why with this process we offer packaging solutions specially designed to meet their requirements. The studies and analysis prior to the final manufacture of the packaging allow us to develop solutions tailored made to our clients, which meet their quality standards and budget requirements.


In all the main stages of packaging development mentioned: label design, manufacturing materials, special finishes, application systems, costs and in other aspects in which we can add value to our stakeholders, Suprapak provides close support and advice. Our goal is to attend from the beginning to all the stages that are fundamental and critical to the packaging development process. We understand the importance of creating and positioning a differentiated brand, therefore, the degree of personalization is achieved if the information flows openly. And, among other things, good communication promotes good relationships, builds security and trust.