Packaging is a very  important element when selling a product, because it protects and gives it identity. Packaging plays an essential role when third party logistics are involved to send your product to various points of sale as it  guarantees that customers will receive the items in perfect condition.

As a marketing tool, packaging plays a very important role because it is the first thing that buyers see on the shelves; a good  packaging design can help your products appeal on the shelf to motivate the consumer  to buy it.

Why to enhance your product packaging?

Most believe that what matters most  is the content of  the product; however, packaging design is crucial to drive sales. It is a determining factor as it could make the difference between success and failure. Here are  four reasons to enhance your product packaging:

1- Differentiate your brand from others

When you think about it, there are thousands of  brands out there that sell exactly the same product you do. They compete with packaging. In fact, according to The Paper Worker, a third of consumer decisions are based solely on product packaging. To achieve success, your product packaging must stand out and differentiate from competing brands.

For example, heat shrink labels are a great option if you want to stand out from other similar products. Not only it adapts to any form of container, but also attracts more attention, they are inexpensive, offer greater versatility to  label design and finally offers a great level of protection to  the product from light, moisture, etc.

2- It influences purchasing habits

The colors and shapes used in the packaging of your product play a key role in purchasing decisions. The brain reacts to colors and irregular shapes as an innovative factor, almost  “alluring” to  allow your product to stick out elf from the rest.

3- It is a great marketing tool

Your product packaging can be a useful marketing tool to improve the experience at your  point-of-sale display.  Brands are easily recognizable, so you can let your creativity flow, with information and elements to persuade the consumer, such as: hidden messages, social trends, recycling issues, it could even be a game; This will make your product multifunctional and interactive with the final consumer, captivating  them to buyback.

Also consider what the packaging says about your product and your brand.  Is it good? Can it be better? Try to think about the messages it transmits to buyers or consumers.

4.- Create brand recognition

Think for a moment about some of your favorite brands. Have you noticed that they have  something in common? That’s right, they are memorable.

Brands like Coca Cola have made slight changes to their packaging and  managed to reinvent themselves through design and marketing, launching campaigns, creating new concepts, aiming at the exclusivity and personalization of their products. Recognized brands are constantly renewing their image, their objectives and market niche, so why not, it may be the time to give your products a new twist, here at Suprapak we are ready to help you in the process of  your new image.


Packaging is a very important aspect of a product along with the quality of the content. Using the right materials and the design for the packaging will make your brand stand out from the rest, influence shopping habits, act as a marketing tool and create brand recognition.