At Suprapak, we define ourselves as strategic suppliers of packaging solutions, helping you boost and protect your product’s image by understanding customer needs and demands.


Over the past 51 years, we have cemented our role in and commitment to the packaging industry by providing innovative and quality solutions in the manufacture of heat-shrink packaging.

Our ability to create long-lasting relationships has allowed us to become the strategic ally for many companies that wish to position their products in the market.

The packaging sector continues to be one of the most important engines of economic development worldwide. Companies innovate with products that require eye-catching and secure packaging that can be distributed through their marketing channels at brick-and-mortar shops or virtually.

The versatility of the shrink wrapper

The heat-shrink packaging system has become one of our customers’ most sought-after systems. Its versatility in protecting, preserving and presenting products ensures optimum results. In short, it is a highly competitive solution in terms of cost and reliability.

At Suprapak, we understand that to be a competitive supplier we must provide effective solutions, offer tangible benefits for each customer and focus on their specific needs.

What does Suprapak offer as a strategic supplier?

1.- Security systems and image manufacturing

We generate trust and top-of-mind brand awareness. This is how we define the essence of our work.

We commit to reproducing faithfully the image of your brand or company, thanks to our knowledge, technology and trained personnel who work hand in hand with customers.

Likewise, we observe technical specifications and provide consultancy on the design and functionality of packaging, in order to make the product stand out.

Our company also has a well-recognized track record in product security and safety. We produce security bands, promotional packaging, and full-body labels, which protect products from manipulation and contamination, while preserving their properties throughout the distribution process and at the sales points.

2.- Production according to customer needs

We specialize in producing small and medium labels from 14 mm to 205 mm wide. Our technology is designed to produce short, medium and long runs, allowing our customers to place orders according to their specific needs.

We work efficiently and competitively so that our customers receive the product they expect, in the right quantities. This means that we can meet orders of 30,000 units or more, depending on the size of the package.

3.- Personalized assistance

Most companies in the sector are dedicated solely to manufacturing labels or packaging. At Suprapak, in addition to offering this, we provide personalized consultancy and assistance in developing and applying labels. We are aware of the implications of our commitment, which means that we will handle the image of our customers’ products responsibly, ensuring correct application of labels and package presentation.

4.- Competitive prices

We know that packaging budgets may vary among companies. We also know that there are hundreds of entrepreneurs who want to break into the market. That’s why we work hand in hand with our customers to offer them the best solution that suits their budget.

At Suprapak, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by understanding their needs and business model. We provide unique and innovative solutions that generate trust and stand out from the rest.

With Suprapak as a provider of packaging solutions, your product’s image and safety will be in the very best hands.