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A great product needs a great label and a great label needs an exceptional team to take your idea to the shelves We generate trust and top-of-mind brand awareness. VER PRODUCTOS

Our knowledge

We have over 50 years of experience manufacturing safety and security sleeves, heat-shrink labels and promotional packaging.

We build trust

We strongly believe that relationships based on trust are the key to success.

We make a difference

We offer a high level of customization, along with a wide variety of finishes, materials and packaging designs.

Please contact us for personalized assistance

At Suprapak, we offer you personalized support during the design, manufacture and application of your packaging.


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Our products

Slide Slide Slide Slide Seguridad y protección. Certificamos la calidad y la cantidad del producto con una banda de seguridad termoencogible. VER MÁS

Slide Slide Slide Slide Etiquetas Termoencogibles. Para que un producto resalte, es necesario que la etiqueta cuente una historia o transmita una emoción. Eso es lo que hacen las etiquetas termoencogibles de Suprapak. VER MÁS

Slide Slide Slide Slide Promocionales. Es un sistema de empaque para agrupar productos de diferentes características en una sola unidad. Están diseñados para adaptarse a cualquier forma, proteger los productos y realzar sus características. VER MÁS

Excellence in service and manufacturing

With Suprapak as your supplier of heat-shrink packaging, you can rest assured that your needs will be met, because we offer:

On demand runs

With a single packaging reference and our heat-shrink labels, all special editions can be created. Changing the design based on scent, color or functionality is much easier with our expertise in limited production quantities.

Small labels

We are experts in manufacturing labels that are perfectly suited for the smallest containers. We have a specialized line to meet the needs of the cosmetic industry.

Excellent delivery times

We learn about our customers’ business model to guarantee a timely delivery anywhere in the world with the help of our logistics partners, FedEx and DHL.

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Our design process

Initial phase

Delivery of packaging and artwork by the customer

Before starting to manufacture the packaging solution, the customer must send the package and the artwork for the product being labelled; by doing so, we can determine the dimensions and sizes, and prepare the technical drawing. 

Once the length and width of the label have been established, we send the customer the technical drawing that will be used in the assembly of the design, including the previously defined measurements. 

Then the packaging material is selected (PETG or PVC), depending on the shape of the container and specific requirements.



Design and Prepress

Once the final artwork for the label is received, the files are analyzed technically, which involves processing the image and adapting it according to the needs of our internal process. During the prepress phase, we prepare all the necessary elements to ensure that the label is printed correctly.


Slitting machine

In this process, the material (PVC or PETG) is cut according the required dimensions for the label.



This is where the magic of flexo printing takes place. We materialize a packaging solution, whether it is a label, sleeve, security seal or promotional package.  These solutions can include between 1 and 8 colors, and special finishes can be added depending on the requirements of each packaging.



At this point, the packaging solution goes through multiple processes based on the customer’s specifications. These processes are:

  • Adhesion: the material is joined with an adhesive to give the label a tubular shape. 
  • Cutting: the roll is converted into cut units.
  • Winding: the material is wound onto rolls.


Final phase

Presentation of the final packaging

Once the label goes through the previous steps and adjusts to the target presentation, we guarantee that the customer will receive an excellent packaging solution that will allow their products to be preserved, stored, and distributed safely.

Shipping and delivery

The product is delivered to the customer within the previously agreed times.

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Customer testimonials

“For many years, Suprapak has been an important packaging supplier for Belcorp. Thanks to their experience in the market, they are a competitive option not only in terms of price, but also at a technical level. They generate value in projects involving new products, because they incorporate new and innovative processes”
Alexandra Lagos de Belcorp
Alexandra Lagos de BelcorpChain Development Area
“Suprapak is a supplier with whom we have a longstanding relationship, thanks to the print quality they offer in shrinkage processes and their specialized production of sleeves for small products. They are a competitive supplier that offers quality products and good service in the commercial area”
Karol Juarez de Swan Cosmetics
Karol Juarez de Swan CosmeticsImport and Traffic department
“Suprapak is a company that stands out for making the best offers, and providing the best assistance and service. They are a competitive supplier that meets demands, provides consultancy, is quick to react, and Suprapak’s staff works hand in hand with us. They show a great sense of responsibility, commitment and quality in their customer service”
Douglas Madriz de Cocojo
Douglas Madriz de CocojoPuracoco
“Suprapak is known for offering flexibility in product sizes. At Avon we needed small sizes with excellent readability, high-definition polychrome designs, micro-perforations, and easy-to-remove seals. Suprapak provided us with the specifications we required and to this day we maintain an excellent commercial relationship”
Natalia Escobar Figueroa de Avon
Natalia Escobar Figueroa de AvonCPE Sourcing-CFT Cartons, Labels, Pumps & Miscellaneous