The interest in environmental protection has led many consumer goods companies to rethink how to give the best image and protection to their products and at the same time contribute to the easy recycling.

A Heat shrink sleeve label can be seen on multiple products, as it is a great way to give them personality, protection and a 360-degree view.

However, its use has caused some environmental concerns due to the difficulty for biodegrading in an ecological system. Therefore, it is necessary to find efficient alternatives that promote mitigation and reduction of environment impact.

What does Suprapak propose to contribute to recycling?

As a manufacturing company for the consumer packaged goods industry, we have the responsibility to create mechanisms and solutions that allow us to care for the environment.

At Suprapak, we are creating environmental initiatives, one of them is our perforation system for heat-shrink labels, a  process that consist in making transverse and longitudinal micro-perforations on the sleeve, according to product type and its specifications, which allows consumers to not only have a better unwrap of the product, but also the possibility of separating materials (containers, labels and lids – without residues) for various recycling processes.

In the same way, we want to promote and incentivize allied companies, to design labels that clearly and visibly invite the final consumer to recycle.

This elaborated process must be rigorously worked on. At Suprapak we have the specialized personnel and the advanced technology to guarantee an excellent quality in our products. In addition, we have a great team ready to  provide personalized advice to our clients, delivering a practical and reliable solution.

What recyclable material does Suprapak use?

For several years, we have been using PETG (PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol) films to make our labels, which has, among its many practical attributes, an easier recycling and biodegrading process. Accordingly, we want to invite our customers in the food and beverage sector to join this initiative.

We are in an era in which both the client and the final consumer are interested in contributing to the planet´s conservation and what better way to start than recycling to promote environmental sustainability.


Currently we are all more aware of the impact generated by pollution and consumers prefer products from companies that contribute with environmental conservation and that have it as a priority in their social responsibility policies.

Using our perforation system on heat shrink sleeve labels makes a difference! The use of materials such as PETG both in bottles and labels, facilitates recycling and contributes to this great environmental cause.

Are you challenged to be part of this change?