Because we strive to understand the business model of our customers, we proudly offer different packaging solutions. In short, this statement describes the value proposition we have adopted at Suprapak.

We focus on understanding the business model of our customers in order to design our own manufacturing and supply structure. As a result, we have become a supplier aligned with the unique needs of each customer.

One of our innovations as a supplier of heat-shrink solutions that sets us apart from other suppliers is the production of mini-sleeves. These are small labels that cover a flat width range between 14 mm – 60 mm. 

Why is Suprapak entering the small label market?

1.- We have vast experience

Producing mini-sleeves requires advanced technical understanding of the printing, gluing and winding process.

At Suprapak we have developed unique and specialized skills that allow us to produce the best mini-sleeves, bearing in mind that not all companies with heat-shrink technology are able to guarantee high quality work.

2.- We identified a gap in the market

We noticed that there was a significant sector of the market, within multiple mass consumer industries, that required mini-sleeves for products with small packaging. In addition to this, references and print runs of all types are in high demand, which is why we are well prepared to adjust to the needs of each customer.

Few suppliers in the industry are willing to meet such requirements. At Suprapak we are equipped to cater to customers who require large volumes and print runs on demand, which motivates us to stay at the forefront of the industry with a differentiated production model.

Our customer profile can be divided into two categories:

  • Assembly plants that manufacture large volumes of products.
  • Companies with their own brands that also act as manufacturers.

Each of these has specific needs.

Challenges in the manufacturing process

Manufacturing companies tend to be more complex than assembly plants, because by manufacturing all product categories and references, their production lines must operate independently.

This requires multiple changes in their processes, hence the need for specific runs on demand.

At Suprapak we understand that when producing mini-sleeves for both types of customers, different specifications and conditions must be taken into account, such as the type of material, sizes, diameters, quantities, etc.

For that reason, we insist that understanding the customer’s business model is key. In doing so, we are able to adapt to their needs and thus to customize our offer.


Mini-sleeves are used in many sectors, such as in the cosmetics industry in eye-liners, lipstick, mascara, nail polish, etc. or in the beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, in which packages must include security seals (narrow measurements). This opens up a broad range of markets for us to explore, with products that require small packages.

Beyond production, our focus is to provide an excellent service and the highest quality, guided by our experience of more than 50 years. We understand that a good offer responds to the needs and requirements of both customer profiles and for this reason we provide personalized solutions tailored to each of them.