Consumers do not want to buy products and services; they want more than that. They seek to relate more deeply, on a personal level to what they consume, that is why they want to know the origin of materials, manufacturers and brands. They are cautious and informed, and they ask for accurate information to make their purchasing decisions. Today the information is easy to verify, which is why transmitting honesty throughout the processes positively impacts the consumer, who is increasingly concerned about trust, security and feeling identified with the manufacturer’s values.


Trust is a feeling that comes from emotions. It is built, and through honesty it is earned. At Suprapak, we are focused on solving the packaging needs of our clients to earn their trust. We believe that in order to achieve this, it is essential to know their needs and ensure that we are able to provide solutions. Thus, we reduce the possibility of assuming commitments that we cannot fulfill. A good way to start building trust is to understand the needs of our customers and adapt to their requirements with the packaging solutions we can offer. From the beginning, honesty in communications is essential because it is decisive for the creation of trustworthy relationships.


Security is related to the perception of the brand or the image that a company transmits. Brand identity is built on value propositions to a target audience. Keeping promises is showing honesty and creating security. Among Suprapak’s promises are: to offer high quality products and products tailored to the customer. To meet the first, we use high-quality raw materials and products, and trained personnel in production. To fulfill the second, we provide personalized service based on knowledge and experience to our clients and prospects. Promises are commitments that, when offered with certainty and fulfillment, generate the security that consumers demand, thus strengthening relationships with all stakeholders.


The consumer wants to feel identified with the value system of the companies from which they acquire their goods and services. This means that you want to know the moral and ethical principles that drive them; therefore these values ​​and their practical demonstration represent honesty. An organizational culture founded on values ​​such as respect, discipline, responsibility and teamwork, which are, for example, Suprapak´s values, define behavioral guidelines that promote valuable relationships. On the other hand, defining honest guidelines for behavior generates security and trust. In addition to helping build relationships with external stakeholders, this also creates cohesion and affinity within companies. To achieve this, those values ​​must be promoted and defended: they must be of internal and external knowledge.


When looking for products and services, and when making purchasing or consuming decisions, there are factors that are just as important as the product or service. These touch deeper levels of relating to the customer, whose differentiation and retention depends on meeting these fundamental needs. Among them are: the trust that can be felt in the supplier; the security that the product offers what the supplier says it is offering; and affinity with the set of values ​​behind the products and services. These are elements that cannot be neglected at any time, since today’s consumer, who is increasingly informed and aware of their environment seeks to be treated honestly. They must be considered seriously since the supply is increasingly wide.