Did you know that products are exposed to direct contact with many people, and not just at the point of sale? Indeed, they go through multiple stages, from manufacturing, distribution and storage to display and sale.

The security factor is therefore extremely relevant for companies and their consumer products.

At all times, companies must ensure preservation of their products, regardless of environmental conditions. They must also take into account that products will come into contact with third parties during the different stages of the supply chain, until they reach the hands of the end user.

Why are tamper-evident security seals important?

Today it is especially important that companies comply with safety and product quality standards, as well as prevent alteration or tampering by third parties.

From the moment we became a packaging company, we identified that this need that our customers had was an opportunity in the market. In response, we took action and launched the first tamper-evident security seal, whose main purpose was to protect the content of the package.

Suprapak offers tamper-evident security seals

Today, many years later, thanks to our determination, creativity and technology, we are able to manufacture polychrome or transparent, pre-formed or flat security seals, with special finishes. This sets us apart from other producers and gives products with our packaging a clear and competitive advantage on the market.

We have worked with many companies on issues such as anti-counterfeiting measures or image restructuring; the latter because a better product display is among the many benefits of using security seals. Plus, of course, products are protected against external elements and the risks of alteration and/or tampering are greatly reduced.

In short, our work and commitment to our customers and the end user is to manufacture secure and reliable mechanisms. We believe that all consumers have the right to receive the products they buy in perfect condition.

With Suprapak you will be backed by all the assistance and know-how of our staff, so that together we can manufacture the best solution that suits your product.