2020 has changed consumers’ lifestyles and purchasing habits. Healthcare and well-being are among the most important aspects to be aware of when buying products. Companies are developing or redefining strategies to adapt to customers’ actual concerns. Interaction with products is changing, and so are packaging trends. With regard to new purchasing behavior, we present the following five packaging trends to consider for next year: environmental-friendly packaging, honesty in manufacturing, sensory appeal, transparencies in packaging design, packaging for e-commerce.

Environmental friendly packaging

Sustainability is a differential factor for many companies. Consumers are more aware of the importance of preserving the environment, and its social and ecological implications. For the flexible packaging industry, this represents a great opportunity: to offer packaging solutions that are responsible with the environment by using raw materials that generate minimal impact. Involve the consumer in environmental care initiatives by offering eco-friendly packaging and disposal information.

Honesty in manufacturing

Today’s consumers are more cautious when buying products. Essential information about manufacturing processes and the origins of products are important to them. This is why one of the trends for 2021 is to be willing to provide and be open with information.

Sensory appeal

The possibilities to enhance and make a product attractive are infinite. Sensible details in coating and surfaces that appeal to all senses generate a positive impact and improve the user experience. Special Ink, texture, and odor are some packaging characteristics that may produce outstanding and differentiating experiences in which all senses are involved.

Transparencies in packaging design

Transparencies in packaging design will be trending for next year. It is of great value for brands who wish to be known for honesty and being upright. There is no doubt that new consumers’ behavior is leaning towards obtaining information and clarity about the products they acquire.

Packaging for e-commerce

E-commerce has grown at a fast pace due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has turned into a solution for consumption as a consequence to social distancing restrictions. It allows product delivery in a safe and direct way. It will be a very useful purchasing option for buyers. Companies are innovating their packaging to deliver security. Next year is going to bring new trends for which the industry should be prepared, especially in terms of security and confidence.