In recent years, the craft beer market has made an impact on the beverage industry. In the United States alone, they represent more than 25% of the beer market.

Despite being considered a specialized niche, some companies and entrepreneurs around the world have set their sights on this sector to provide a new r experience to consumers that are increasingly open to trying new flavors, sensations and experiences.

What type of presentation do craft beers use?

When it comes to craft beers, there are several presentations. The most common is pre-printed cans (lithography). This system is the most used when high volumes are required.

However, some breweries face the problem of having  high inventory  of pre-printed empty cans, as the minimum order of aluminum can manufacturers is often high.

This forces companies to have cans stored for long periods of time, which generates additional costs. In some cases, brewers need to make changes to their designs or discontinue some of their products, putting the inventory of pre-printed cans at high risk. Large companies can afford it, but what about those just starting  out?

What solution does Suprapak offer to craft beer producers?

Overstock is a real problem for craft breweries. That is why Suprapak proposes using heat shrink labels to avoid this issue.

This label system benefits the customer, because the quantities are much lower per order. Heat shrink labels provide flexibility, allow you to test the market, without a large capital investment and inventory storage;  it’s the best way to dress your product for the occasion.

As suppliers of heat shrink labels we offer benefits that make us unique and different from the competition. Our benefit in manufacturing on-demand runs allows us to adapt to the exact quantity the customer requires, whereas it is for a limited edition, an exclusive event or for specific line references.

Furthermore, we are constantly innovating with special finishes so that our customers’ product stands out and attracts the attention of the final consumer.

We are a supplier with  very unique benefits, we offer competitive prices  and our average lead time is 3 weeks including shipping.


At Suprapak, we understand the needs of our customers. With our heat shrink label solution you will achieve a balance between quality, quantity, cost and innovation.

As pioneers and leaders in the heat shrink market, we know there are potential benefits for each segment, we are always interested in creating quality partnerships  and exploring the potential of heat shrink packaging as an exclusive branding solution.