Product tampering and counterfeiting is undoubtedly a very serious problem for many markets. It can easily damage the reputation of companies and brands, while at the same time representing a direct danger to the health of consumers.

Many companies are already finding solutions in the anti-counterfeit packaging market, because they understand that packaging plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of counterfeiting.

The fight against counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical market

The global anti-counterfeit packaging market is experiencing a growth in demand driven by increased manufacturing of products from the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Despite the prominent use of anti-counterfeit packaging in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, there is still a worrying number of counterfeit products on the market. Indeed, this figure could amount to 6-10% of all medication circulating in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that counterfeit or tampered products account for 5-8% of the $550 billion dollars that pharmaceutical products move each year.

How to prevent counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical market

At Suprapak we have been aware of this problem since we first started out as a company. We recognize the importance of creating and providing mechanisms for our customers to ensure safe and a tamper-free content in their products.

That is why we are promoting the use of security seals and full body labels for the pharmaceutical market, as these have become key countermeasures in the fight against counterfeit medication.

Our packaging solutions display optical and sensory properties designed to allow users to easily and quickly identify product authenticity, including full body labels and security seals with special or embossed finishes, security varnishes, special inks, among other tamper-evident features.

These security properties also allow for packaging details that must be included in the products, namely safety regulations, product information and readability.


The pharmaceutical market is a very demanding market in terms of safety and regulatory requirements. That’s why we invite you to join us in developing the security system that best suits your needs.