With the arrival of Covid-19, many industries are facing an economic crisis. 2020 had been predicted to be a year of great sales and expansion, but the pandemic continues to claim lives and the global economy continues to decline.

One of the industries that has been most affected is the cosmetics industry, as during the pandemic consumers began to change their interests and behaviors completely, prioritizing personal care products, food, and toiletries over cosmetics.

E-commerce, an ally of the cosmetics industry

In the wake of a new normality, remote working is proving to be a lifeline for many companies and workers. 

This change means that people are again interested in their personal appearance, due to the increased use of video calls, which in turn leads to a very positive increase in online cosmetic sales. In short, e-commerce has become a key ally during these times.

Consumers are migrating to online portals

Buying without leaving home has created great challenges for companies in the cosmetics industry. Now, the presentation, exhibition, safety and security of all products must be adjusted to this new reality—to the “new normal”—keeping in mind that the health of consumers must always remain a priority. 

That’s why plastic packaging has become one of the main ways to guarantee the safety and protection of consumers in times of COVID-19.

Heat-shrink plastic as a safe option

In order to ensure safety and security, heat-shrink labels have become an essential feature for cosmetic products. Their level of shrinkage and adhesion to the packaging allows the product to remain compact and protected, and also ensures that any attempt at tampering will be easily detected. Additionally, a plastic packaging system makes disinfection a much simpler and quicker process. 

Long before the pandemic, in the early 1990s, we saw the need to focus on developing security mechanisms for the cosmetics industry, manufacturing mini-sleeves of 14 mm to 60 mm. 

Thanks to this initiative, we were able to show our customers the advantages of migrating to packaging that meets safety and security requirements efficiently.

Today, the mini-sleeves we developed at Suprapak can be adapted to eyeliners, mascara or compact powders, which are our clients’ most popular cosmetic lines.

We understand that this industry is very broad and that there are challenges ahead involving user experience. There is no doubt that virtual platforms or online catalogs will become the most effective sales tools in the cosmetics industry. At Suprapak we are prepared to guarantee that the visual presentation of our client’s products will be of the highest quality.