15 Dec

Honesty in manufacturing

Consumers do not want to buy products and services; they want more than that. They seek to relate more deeply, on a personal level to what they consume, that is why they want to know the origin of materials, manufacturers and brands. They are cautious and informed, and they ask for accurate information to make […]
24 Nov

Eco-friendly packaging

Reducing the impact on the environment by their packaging material is one of the biggest challenges that manufacturers of consumer products are facing. To promote awareness, companies seek to develop and implement good practices that start from the manufacturing process to involving the consumer in the correct final waste-disposal. For the flexible packaging industry, protecting […]
product packaging samples for 2021
22 Oct

Five packaging trends for 2021

2020 has changed consumers’ lifestyles and purchasing habits. Healthcare and well-being are among the most important aspects to be aware of when buying products. Companies are developing or redefining strategies to adapt to customers’ actual concerns. Interaction with products is changing, and so are packaging trends. With regard to new purchasing behavior, we present the […]
24 Sep

Challenges faced by the cosmetic industry during the pandemic

With the arrival of Covid-19, many industries are facing an economic crisis. 2020 had been predicted to be a year of great sales and expansion, but the pandemic continues to claim lives and the global economy continues to decline. One of the industries that has been most affected is the cosmetics industry, as during the […]
31 Aug

Suprapak expands its market in 2020

For many years we have positioned our Suprapak packaging solutions on the global market by working with large companies in various market segments, such as personal care, cosmetics, foods and beverages. We have become their suppliers and strategic allies, understanding and adapting to the business model of each one of our customers. At the same […]
26 Aug

Counterfeiting and tampering in the pharmaceutical market

Product tampering and counterfeiting is undoubtedly a very serious problem for many markets. It can easily damage the reputation of companies and brands, while at the same time representing a direct danger to the health of consumers. Many companies are already finding solutions in the anti-counterfeit packaging market, because they understand that packaging plays a […]

We know about heat shrink packaging

Suprapak S.A.S. was founded in 1968 with the determination to be an industry producing differentiated thermo-shrinkable packages and with evident competitive advantages in the market.


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