CanAmor is a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of products for pets. It has more than 34 years of experience in the Colombian market, and approximately two years ago was acquired by the Brazilian group BUN, which owns similar companies such as KELCO Pet Care.  

Currently, CanAmor is considered a leading brand in Colombia in insecticide, pet grooming and care products, canine toys made from rawhide, and dog and cat treats.


CanAmor and KELCO Pet Care decided to revamp their image and relaunch their traditional product lines. They aimed for a 180-degree transformation for all their lines and have now designed a more modern, revitalized and innovative presentation.

For an entire year CanAmor worked on the graphic layout, enhancing the idea they wanted to convey and promoting the diversity of the brand’s colors and images on their respective packaging. 

By revamping its products, CanAmor firmly believes that it will be able to make a strong impact in this competitive, albeit highly dynamic market that offers very attractive growth rates.

Suprapak becomes a supplier and takes on a new challenge

After that first year focusing on product graphics, CanAmor decided to select a supplier who could faithfully reproduce their new designs, and so Suprapak entered into competition for this opportunity with several other companies.

“We were very demanding in the selection process, especially with respect to printing quality, because the image we ultimately present will reflect the brand. We wanted to reflect an innovative, revitalized brand with a variety of colors but without losing the brand’s identity. We were also aware that using images of animals that would look good once they were printed would be difficult to achieve. That’s why the supplier would have a rather demanding challenge.” —Felipe Romero, Scientific Director of CanAmor.

By demonstrating our knowledge and experience in developing, printing and converting packaging, we were successfully awarded the project. Now we can help make our new client’s vision a reality and transform their brand through the manufacture of heat-shrink labels.

CanAmor Testimonial

“For us, working with Suprapak has been a very positive experience. In Suprapak we found the qualities that encourage us to continue working with them in future developments, especially their good customer service, production efficiency and print quality.”