About Suprapak SAS

13 Jun

About Suprapak SAS

Suprapak was founded in 1968 with the purpose of becoming a highly differentiated and competitive industrial producer of heat-shrinkeable packaging in the market.
Perseverance and creativity has led us to specialize in the development of technologies to develop useful heat-shrink packaging that satisfies needs of identification, protection, decoration, and handling to all types of consumer products.
We are leaders of the industry with presence in Colombia, South and Central America, United States, Canada and Europe.



Our desire is to remain sustainable over time, and to achieve this we encourage values. We believe our most precious resource is the people. Thanks to our staff, Suprapak lives a culture of:


We know about heat shrink packaging

Suprapak S.A.S. was founded in 1968 with the determination to be an industry producing differentiated thermo-shrinkable packages and with evident competitive advantages in the market.


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