Ever since ancient times, everything enters through the eyes. Appearance has always been very important, especially when selecting a product on a supermarket shelf or when buying beauty supplies. Packaging of the products is what attracts the most and the way they change throughout the year.

In the following article, we share 4 ways to make an impact through your product  package design  for special seasons, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Years, among others.

1.- Re-design according to the Season

If your main objective for the upcoming season is to improve, renew, or update the design of your product packaging, then your best option will be to redesign the labels on your packaging. It is an excellent strategy because you offer the consumers a special edition, a message that will more likely motivate them to buy. Once your ideas and objectives are clear, we at Suprapak can support you to make it happen.

2.- Make a good  use of short runs benefit

When designing for Special Editions, many companies require that orders have a moderate minimum quantity to produce them. Fortunately, we at Suprapak understand your needs, which is why we offer you short runs. Unlike other companies that will require many units to start, we flexible enough to  adapt to your minimum requirements, so you only  invest on what you need for your project.

3.- Provide a consumer packaging experience

One of the coolest and most effective ways to improve the packaging design of your products is to apply special finishes. The results exceed the expectations as  you will definitely  impress your consumer with a more visual and sensorial experience. They may even keep your product packaging once it has been used. This  may sound strange, but trust us,  there are consumers out there who enjoy collecting packaging just for the beauty of the labels.

4.- Special editions X2

You can also improve the packaging design and surprise your customers with a special promotion, where you have two or more products bundled together on the  shelves. For this, our promotional packs are an excellent alternative and together with an innovative seasonal design, you will be able to protect and highlight your brand in a 360° view of the packaging.

For years, promotional packs have been commonly used to rotate inventories, but why stop there? If you add a creative design for Christmas, summer or Mother’s Day, the promotional pack can have a very positive impact on your customers, and your sales.


Product packaging is extremely important for generating a positive impact on your brand, take advantage of the important dates of the year and drive more sales, it is an excellent moment to improve and / or refresh the design of your product packaging. Finally It allows you to improve the labeling of your packaging, get special and limited editions and promote promotional packs of your products; those are all be good marketing options.